Expositions et Conférences liées au Recyclage

Répertoire mondial des événements de l'industrie du recyclage - un calendrier des expositions et des conférences à venir.

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  • Date de Début:20 mars 2019Date de Fin:22 mars 2019
    Lieu :Cairo, EgypteNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:Nouveau
    EGY Waste& Recycling EXPO is the only Exhibition in Egypt & Mena Region which concern with waste and Recycling for wide range of materials, supported by key industry partners and giovernment officials. In addition, EGY- Waste & Recycling Expo is the only exhibition supported by the key industry associations.
  • €295 / m2 €527 / ticket
    Date de Début:28 janv. 2019Date de Fin:31 janv. 2019
    Lieu :Glendale, États-UnisNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:26
    The USCC’s Annual Conference is the premiere professional meeting for composting, organics recycling, and related topics. The Conference routinely attracts around 1,000 attendees working directly in the fields of compost manufacturing and organics recycling – guaranteeing speakers outstanding professional exposure.
  • Date de Début:11 juin 2019Date de Fin:12 juin 2019
    Lieu :Manchester, Royaume-UniNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:Nouveau
    The Exhibition and Conference for the British Plastics and Recycling Industry. In 2019 PDM is evolving to deliver a new audience for our exhibitors and a new experience for our visitors. The show will for the first time be organised by the British Plastics Federation (BPF) and Crain Communications. The event will take place in the centre of the Northern manufacturing Powerhouse… Manchester.
  • €15,0 / ticket
    Date de Début:6 nov. 2018Date de Fin:9 nov. 2018
    Lieu :Rimini, ItalieNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:21
    Leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo - Ecomondo 2018, will present the European and International scene with new legislative priorities, in regard to research and innovation, training on Circular Economy together with the latest processes, demonstrating the end products given by their implementation at the industrial level on cities and territories.
  • €1 130 / ticket
    Date de Début:6 mai 2019Date de Fin:9 mai 2018
    Lieu :Las Vegas, États-UnisNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:Nouveau
    WasteExpo is great at bringing together multiple segments of the industry under one roof. It’s a great place to make new connections, explore new technologies, and forge new alliances. Whether it’s your first time attending or your 50th, you’ll find the experience insightful and energizing. Don’t miss it!
  • Date de Début:24 févr. 2019Date de Fin:26 févr. 2019
    Lieu :Florida, États-UnisNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:Nouveau
    SERC is truly one of the key recycling industry networking events of the year. We draw over 500 professionals, such as MRF Operators, Recycling Coordinators, Solid Waste Directors, Equipment Dealers and Manufacturers, etc.
  • €1 330 / m2 €990 / ticket
    Date de Début:26 nov. 2018Date de Fin:29 nov. 2018
    Lieu :Vienna, AutricheNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:11
    The International CARE Electronics Office is pleased to announce the Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2018 conference and exhibition on Electronics and the Environment. It will take place in Schoenbrunn Palace Conference Centre Vienna (Austria). This Symposium is the only platform for presenting the up-to-date progress on sustainable development and the development of eco-efficient electr(on)ic & automotive products.

    All companies in the electr(on)ics, telecom, automotive, solar and PV, chemical and recycling industry, power suppliers, electricity generators and distributors, contract manufacturers, material and component suppliers, service and logistic companies, collective systems, academia, consulting and public authorities are invited to attend and contribute.
  • Date de Début:10 mai 2019Date de Fin:12 mai 2019
    Lieu :Baoding, ChineNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:Nouveau
  • Date de Début:29 janv. 2019Date de Fin:1 févr. 2019
    Lieu :Moscow, RussieNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:21
    Interplastica is the leading trade fair for plastics and rubber in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Date de Début:16 avr. 2019Date de Fin:18 avr. 2019
    Lieu :Sofia, BulgarieNombre de Manifestations Précédentes:9
    South-East European Exhibition on Waste Management & Recycling Among the leading environmental exhibitions in the SEE Region Companies from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain & Switzerland took part in the Save the Planet exhibition 3500 trade visitors from 15 countries