Expositions et Conférences liées au Recyclage des

Répertoire mondial des événements de l'industrie du recyclage - un calendrier des expositions et des conférences à venir.

  • Date de Début: 18 sept. 2019 Date de Fin: 20 sept. 2019
    Lieu: Shanghai, China Mainland China Mainland Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: 15
    Exposants: -- Visiteurs: --
  • Date de Début: 17 févr. 2020 Date de Fin: 18 févr. 2020
    Lieu: Melbourne, Australia Australia Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: 14
    Exposants: -- Visiteurs: --
    RECYCLING SUMMIT 2020 gladly welcomes patrons over the globe to 15th World Convention on Waste Recycling and Reuse on February 17-18, 2020, at Melbourne, Australia, which incorporates Prompt keynote introductions, Oral Talks, Poster Presentations, and Exhibitions. We are happy to state that it is the 15th World convention on waste recycling and reuse which will be held in beautiful city Melbourne. We are delighted to welcome you all to the convention.
  • Date de Début: 7 oct. 2019 Date de Fin: 8 oct. 2019
    Lieu: Osaka, Japan Japan Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: 1
    In continuation to 1st successful past scientific meetings, 2nd International Conference & Expo on Recycling will be held on October 07-08, 2019 in Osaka, Japan.
  • Date de Début: 12 nov. 2019 Date de Fin: 14 nov. 2019
    Lieu: São Paulo, Brazil Brazil Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: Nouveau
    Waste Expo Brasil is proud of being the most complete commercial event in Brazil, as it has gathered during the three days show, public managers and mayors from the whole country, representatives of the public prosecutors and federal government, machinery, vehicles and equipment manufacturers from Brazil and other countries, public cleaning operators, logistics companies, transport, treatment, recycling and final destination of MSW.
  • €320 / m2
    Date de Début: 30 oct. 2019 Date de Fin: 2 nov. 2019
    Lieu: Hong Kong (CN) Hong Kong (CN) Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: 13
    Exposants: 338 Visiteurs: 14824
    Eco Expo Asia serves as a global trade platform for the industry by showcasting the latest green products, equipment and cutting-edge technologies.
  • €289 / m2
    Date de Début: 28 janv. 2020 Date de Fin: 31 janv. 2020
    Lieu: Charleston, South Carolina, United States United States Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: 27
    Exposants: -- Visiteurs: --
    The US Composting Council advances compost manufacturing, compost utilization, and organics recycling to benefit our members, society, and the environment.
    100+ Fantastic Exhibitors and Equipment Demonstrators to Get to Know
    75+ Workshops, Tours, and Sessions That Regenerate Your Enthusiasm
    30+ Hours of Networking to Renew Your Passion
  • Date de Début: 15 nov. 2019 Date de Fin: 15 nov. 2019
    Lieu: Mumbai, India India Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: Nouveau
    RACE 2 will bring together key players and industry experts from across the plastics supply chain, to explore how new technologies are enabling an increase in plastic recycling while adding value to recycled materials.

    Being involved with the RACE 2 conference is a sure shot way to better your knowledge, gain a deeper insight into the all-important subject of recycling and ensure that your company is contributing effectively toward a better and more sustainable world for our children.
  • Date de Début: 23 sept. 2019 Date de Fin: 25 sept. 2019
    Lieu: Orlando, United States United States Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: Nouveau
    Exposants: -- Visiteurs: --
  • Date de Début: 12 mai 2021 Date de Fin: 13 mai 2021
    Lieu: Coventry, United Kingdom United Kingdom Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: Nouveau
    Exposants: -- Visiteurs: --
    Free to attend with six sector specific zones stretching across indoor and outdoor areas, Letsrecycle Live features more than 100 speakers across four conference theatres, live material processing, live vehicle demonstrations, live fire suppression tests, 200+ exhibitors and a range of free to attend networking events including Meet the Buyer, Women in Waste, apprenticeship programmes, training sessions, bursary support, AGMs and of course the infamous ‘Inn on the Green’.

    We believe that doing business should be fun so join the positive and relaxed atmosphere and meet with thousands of professionals from Waste Management, Skip Hire, Councils, Waste to Energy, Brokers, Wood, Organics, Plastic, Paper, Textiles, Packaging, WEEE, Glass & more.
  • Date de Début: 25 mars 2021 Date de Fin: 28 mars 2021
    Lieu: Istanbul, Turkey Turkey Nombre de Manifestations Précédentes: 15
    Exposants: 170 Visiteurs: 12000
    International Recycling, Environmental Technologies And Waste Management features a display of products like Waste Collection Units, Waste Collection and Transportation Vehicles, Shredding, Pressing, Briquette Making Equipment, Truck Mounted Vehicles, Hydraulic Transport and Freight Platforms, Canal Cleaning and Maintenance Vehicles and Equipment, Recycling of Valuable Materials from Waste Water, Environment Management and Eco-Audit, etc.